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66in2020 Pilgrim Families

A Personal Note from VR My Dear Friends Thank you for your continued prayers for our ministry. We believe in the power of the preached word and therefore are very excited at the beginning of May to kick off what will be our 6 year Legacy proclamation project for the USA and the UK. 66in2020. I hope so very much that many of you will be part of this great traction project for the ministry of 66Books. 66in2020 Update The Pilgrim settlers on board the Mayflower, landed in America in 2020, the survivors having their first thanksgiving meal in 2021. Christianity,...

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Bible Book Overviews

All proceeds go to the Work of The 66 Books Ministry Hello people! We have just added 1/3 of our Bible Book Overviews. Each full color 4 page pamphlet gives you a Raw and Real overview of the Bible which you can also give to your friends! You are going to love them! Check out the Bible Book Overview Section.

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Good Morning! Welcome to our secure On-Line Store.  All Proceeds from Sales go to the Work of The 66 Books Ministry!

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