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Habakkuk - A Prophecy for Our Time

Habakkuk - A Prophecy for Our Time



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ISBN | 9780953886432
Edition | First Edition
Publisher | Whispering Word
Published | February 16, 2016
Language | English
Pages | 186
Binding | Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink | Black & white
Weight | 0.73 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) | 6 wide x 9 tall

As the Church in the West is found to be mostly dead and covered with Laodicean lukewarm vomit, as The Lord, slips the dead things silently over the side of the storm tossed ship into the dark oblivion of the waves of secular humanism and rising Islam, what remains will need to be fortified with steel to live in a quickly changing anti-Christian world of persecution. There is no better prophecy more equipped to speak to such a remnant who shall be so very besieged. Welcome to Habakkuk, 35 of 66, a prophecy for our time. For more information see Pastor, Rev. Victor Robert Farrell is long time author of 'Night Whispers' and President of The 66 Books Ministry, a 21st Century global city mission, grass-roots, back to the Bible movement, preaching the Gospel in the 66 most influential cities of the 250 nations of the world; that’s 16,500 cities, each being preached in, on an annual and an on-going basis! For more info see -

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