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The 66 Minute Bible


Product Details

ISBN | 9781910686843
Edition | First Edition
Publisher | Whispering Word
Published | May 13, 2016
Language | English
Pages | 174
Binding | Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink | Black & white
Weight | 0.69 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) | 6 wide x 9 tall

I am told that there are 788,258 words in the King James Bible and of these 14,565 are unique. That’s a lot of words! I have been reading the Bible for nearly forty years on an almost daily basis. It still remains to me the most exciting book on the planet, however, it never gets any easier. Bible reading is a spiritual discipline and for me the emphasis is on discipline. I created this resource to aid you in your Bible reading, it gives your brain a sixty second overview of the Bible, a loose enclosure to herd the narrative of the book into something that can be seen as a whole. It was never created to be a substitute, but an aid. Just saying…… Friends, welcome to the most exciting book on the planet!


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