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Purple Robert-66 Poems-Vol 04-The Reluctant Tinker



I am a Meta-Physical Biblical Realist, A Performance Poet constructing my poems from the sales aisle at the local cheap supermarket! Some of these words will undoubtedly offend you at some point, however, that's incidental rather than intentional! Just consider it a by-product of verbal art. My first book of Poems got banned by the local Christian Book Shop. It is my hope that this book also gets banned from any religious institution. That last little local debacle eventually went national and I was quoted on page 3 of the Sun Newspaper next to the topless model of the day where it said, “Local Rev says his job is ‘to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’ That is still my goal. In any event, these words will not only make you think but maybe introduce you to the God 'at your elbow!'Purple Robert : The is the Metaphysical Poet for truly down to earth people.

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