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The Soldiers Bible & Catechism


These two particular source documents, ‘ Soldier’s Bible’ and ‘The Soldiers Catechism,’ were published by the South Carolina Tract Society and printed by Evans & Cogswell, of Charleston, S.C. I decided to reproduce both of these documents first as an up to date research tool, but whilst maintaining much of the original layout and language, I not only wanted to capture that bright militant, sacrificial Separatist spirit in a jar, but secondly, also add to it, and make the very slightly revised text relevant to the beginning of the 21st century. I have probably painted a moustache on the Mona-Lisa, if you know what I mean, but even so, I wanted this New Separatist ‘Soldiers Bible’ and ‘Soldiers Catechism’ to reach into our present and very troubled times, which will continue and worsen.

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